Website Design & Maintenance
for Small & Medium Sized Businesses
Sample design screenshots

Your website is only as good as it reflects the actual state of your business. If prospective clients always see the same content when they re-visit your site they get bored sooner or later.

In order to make your website interesting you might want to update it on a regular basis to let visitors know about special sales, new products / services, closeouts, etc.

Including a "feedback" form where customers can let you know how they like your products and what they want to see in future products is another way of keeping up-to-date.
We can maintain your business website on a regular schedule in order to insure that it always presents the latest information on your products and services.

Whether you want new graphics / pictures or put another sales event online every week, we can do it for you. Simple modifications can be made immediately on the internet, changes that involve a bit more work (e.g. like adding a special sale page) will be made off-line and uploaded usually within a day or two.

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