Website Design & Maintenance
for Small & Medium Sized Businesses
Sample design screenshots

The process of designing a website involves you, the customer! It is going to be your company's window to the world and we will work closely with you in order to create your web presence the way you want it.

Filling out the inquiry form is the first step in giving us as much information as possible about how you want to portrait your business to your prospective customers.

Think of it as preparing a regular advertisement campaign. You tell us what kind of logos, graphics and photographs you want us to use in the design process, and we will provide a first draft within a couple of days.
This first draft will be uploaded to a server where you can access it with the internet browser on your PC. At this point you tell us how you like it, if you want modifications made or whether you have additional design elements to include.

You will always be able to access the development progress because we upload as we work on your website. Once it is finished and you have signed off, it will be made accessible to your worldwide clientel!

While your website is under construction we will be registering your company's domain name and take care of the server space set-up.


- Icom-Design - Wimberley, TX